In The Name Of God


  ABFA2 is formed on the base of second remark of first article related to formation rule of ABFA companies approved in 10.1369 According to statute , ABFA 2 is responsible for water distribution , clients affairs , tributaries , network repairing and network   expanding operation in a nominative area .

From 1.7.83 all companies of water & sewage and the headquarter , have joined together and become as an uniform ( headquarter + networks ) and all their activities is done in a frame nominated by the staff .

ABFA 2 having about 164,00 clients , is located in a crowded area (because of it's  joinery places )

While significant distance between east and west in the ABFA 2's area and limitation of maintenance centers are amongst the most important problems at the zone , but considering accidents comes true at the least of the time by co-operating .

Traffic limitation is also one of the important problems in a wide area of ABFA-2 because blocking the paths can make terrible diseases for traffics.

For years ,Tehran  the capital , accepts thousands of immigrants from the other cities of the country . They bring a special culture of using . The culture which looks normal in small societies because of their balance between producing and using. East part of the area , has been always in trouble about these income people as the illegal users and wasters .   


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